Welcome to Tallworth

Tallworth is an educational (Not For Profit) Charity Inc.

Created to END other people's poverty

WHY does Tallworth exist? We exist to end poverty, both locally and globally.

WHAT do we do? We teach POOR people (FREE of charge):
• How to make their own money;
• How to become responsible wealth owners; and,
• How to create wealth opportunities for others within their community.

HOW do we do that? We create and deliver specialised non-academic programmes that teach our students Entrepreneurial skills:
• How to spend money to make more money;
• How to select successful products (or services);
• How to create their own businesses;
• How to make their winning enterprises grow; and,
• How to effectively contribute to their community.

HOW will we afford to continue to do this? We sell our entrepreneurial programs to people who can afford them, so that we can use 100% of our proceeds to gift the same entrepreneurial programs to people who cannot afford them.

WHO are we? We are a true NOT FOR PROFIT CHARITABLE TRUST. We are an education organisation that advocates that there should be no poverty in any community. We believe that anyone who is financially independent and morally sound has a responsibility to help end poverty in their local region …and that everyone has something to contribute that will help.

To find out HOW you can help?
Contact Tallworth today (at the bottom of this page)
and let us know what you can do to play a part…

…or, if you want to find out a whole lot more Go HERE